About us

Elke's Market Cafe's mission is to help create a dining experience unlike any other. We pride ourselves on having an established reputation of quality and magnificence in every part of our business. From our marketplace that offers ultra freshness and homemade delights every day to our cozy cafe where you can enjoy fresh, comfortable flavors, we have everything you're craving right here!

Elke's was founded in 2004 by Elke Kuby Marsh. In 2020, Elke retired to enjoy more time with her family but chose current owners, Gregory & Kim Casale to carry on her recipes and traditions. As avid members of the community, we take pride in local events and programs that are centered around bringing residents together.

Our Market

Elke's Market Cafe brings you a taste of freshness with our Market. Here, you'll be amazed with our selection of homemade breads, gourmet dips, deli meats, casseroles---all freshly made each day.


Fewer meals satisfy hunger like a homemade casserole and at Elke's Market Cafe, we have the best! Each batch is made freshly that day with options that include Wild Rice Chicken, Chicken Spaghetti, Meatloaf and more!


Begin your day, enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up or end a wonderful meal with some of our sweet treats. Elke's offers fresh baked cookies, cakes, breads and other treats. Take home a Mini Almond Wedding Cake, a Texas Pecan Brownie or grab some Praline Thumbprint Cookies. Just enough for you, or extra to share. That's up to you!


Ideal for snacks and lunches made with wholesome ingredients, our spreads and dips are sure to hit the spot. Try our chicken or tuna salad with a side or Spicy Artichoke dip. Keep the family happy on Game Day with our selection of Jalapeno Pimento Dip, Smoky Almond Spread or Spinach dip. Yum!


We have a variety of delicious homemade entrees that are sure to be a hit in your home. All our entrees are prepared from family recipes and with quality ingredients.


Needing sides? We've got you covered. Whether you desire hot or cold sides, we have the ideal dish to complement your entree. From soups to salads to vegetables, all our side dishes are creatively prepared with the freshest ingredients.


Every dessert is ingeniously prepared giving a full-flavored experience with every bite. Our dessert menu has an assortment of cakes, pies and delicious pastries prepared from the finest ingredients.